Nicole Hart Photographer, Nicole Hart, was born and raised in California. Heavily involved in the performing arts as a child- Nicole realized at a young age just how powerful expression can be.

Her introduction to photography was unintentional, but fateful. Upon entering the tenth grade she decided to take extra courses from a nearby community college; all art classes where full- except for one. Photography 101. The moment she stepped into a darkroom she realized she had just discovered another medium of honest, revealing expression

“Life is more fulfilling when we learn how to give to each other and learn from each other; capturing the essence of people and what they stand for is a privilege. I love to encapsulate depth and authenticity- creating an image that becomes a voice for something greater than me.” -Nicole Hart

Community outreach is of high value to Nicole; working closely with non-profits and organizations who work toward social good. In December 2012, Nicole will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California and continues her work as a People Photographer in Los Angeles.